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Yourcegid Retail

Cegid, leading enterprise and vertical software solutions’ provider was founded in 1983 by Jean-Michel Aulas and has been traded as Cegid Group (CGD:EN Paris) since 1986. Over the last 2 decades, the company has leveraged its success to expand into one of Europe's leading specialists in retail management software solutions with a focus on fashion and specialty stores.

Cegid's flagship solution is called Yourcegid Retail, conceptualized and developed through user input from some of the world's most coveted brands. Today Cegid operates in over 70 countries, is localized in more than 25 languages and is recognized as one of the most innovative and customer centric providers on the market.

Cegid has offices in the USA, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, North Africa, Japan and China. Cegid accredited partners extend the company’s reach in other areas of Europe, North America, Far East, North Africa and Asia.

What does the Cegid Group deliver for its customers?

  • Financial stability and firepower of the group enabling continuous development
  • Global support structure to help customers as they expand and grow
  • Ability to harness international experience and expertise to deliver global enabled solutions


Management software designed for specialty retailers
Client centric, flexible, powerful, and advanced

The retail landscape is continually evolving. New strategies, channels and technologies are rapidly emerging but it’s important to remember that stores are still a critical part in a retailer’s multi-channel strategy. Savvy retailers are adopting the latest management technology to gain and maintain competitive edge. Yourcegid Retail is more than just a POS system. It’s an intuitive and complete store management solution that’s proven to help speciality retailers stay one step ahead of the competition and the everchanging demands of their customers. The solution is modular so it’s perfect for small to medium sized retailers and also retailers with hundreds of stores worldwide. Yourcegid Retail is flexible and can be used in multiple business models and store environments (ownstores, franchises and concessions).

Inventory and merchandising management is one of the biggest challenges that any multi-store retailer faces. The day to day complexity of getting the right mix of products at individual store level requires the systematic management of stock levels combined with customer insight and allocation / assortment techniques. The process requires strategic thinking with precise execution.  Yourcegid Retail provides retailers with the ability to monitor and manage multiple sales channels and have visibility of inventory positions at all points in the retail chain.  All this information is provided in real-time, enabling you react quickly to changes in your market.

Yourcegid Retail addresses various sectors, including: fashion and apparel, beauty and cosmetics, homeware, sports and recreation, DIY and luxury.


Why retailers choose Yourcegid Retail:

  • Best-in-class functionality
  • Scalable solution
  • Modular technical architecture
  • Used in over 20,000 stores
  • Touch screen technology
  • International capabilities
  • Mobile POS and back office option
  • PCI compliant
  • Increased margins
  • Reduction of unsold inventory
  • Optimization of merchandising mix
  • Reduce stock outs and overstocks  
  • Allocation of stock by location
  • Reduction of markdowns
  • Improve supplier relations
  • Transformation of the customer experience
  • Enhanced customer loyalty and retention to increase profits
  • More effective promotions and loyalty programs
  • Lower costs to acquire new customers
  • Better forecasting and budgeting of sales for segmented customers
  • Increase up sell and cross sell opportunities
  • Create more effective marketing campaigns based on past history and known preferences

Key functions:

  • Point of Sale and Mobility
  • Inventory Management
  • Ordering and Receiving Goods
  • Inventory Transfers
  • In-store Human Resources
  • CRM and Loyalty
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Web Access Technology
  • Database management: products, prices, suppliers etc.
  • Assortment and range planning
  • Monitoring and management of purchasing and imports
  • Inventory management, replenishment optimization
  • Management of procurement cycles
  • Price optimization, sales and discounts
  • Promotions, CRM, sales events and marketing
  • Multi-channel management
  • Management of international locations: own-label stores, concessions, agents, franchises etc
  • Management of customer files: search by multiple criteria, grouping by type of client (individuals, companies etc)
  • Gathering information at the point of sale
  • Managing customer segmentations and groupings
  • Defining loyalty programs
  • Sales history, key indicators, analysis of purchasing behavior
  • Management of loyalty cards including re-writable cards
  • Management promotions, customer rebates etc
  • Gift lists for weddings, birthdays etc.
  • Customer services at the point of sale: alterations, repairs, subscriptions etc.
  • Receipt and sales support functions: cashing up, returns, exchanges, markdowns, discounts, recommending alternative products
  • Integrated analysis: analysis of best sellers, store performance, monitoring objectives etc.
  • Inventory management: transfers between stores, goods out and goods in, inventory in transit, ideal stock levels
  • Managing customer relations and loyalty: purchase history and consumer behavior, targeted mailings, regional marketing analysis, loyalty cards etc.
  • Automated replenishment in relation to sales, ideal stock levels, product lifecycles etc.
  • Customer Service: alterations, repairs, customer orders etc.
  • Staff Management


Key Features:

Point of Sale
Yourcegid Retail helps boost customer service by increasing the speed of transactions. It also improves staff efficiency as it equips them with real-time inventory information, customer purchase history and promotions at their finger tips. The software is cross-channel so retailers can exchange data across multiple channels, creating a seamless shopping experience for the customer.

Web Access Technology
Yourcegid Retail is available online so a new point of sale can be up and running in a matter of minutes. The web access technology lowers the total cost of ownership as retailers do not need expensive server hardware. Yourcegid Retail is run off main servers so all data is real-time. This allows for up to the minute reporting and decision making. If internet connection is lost then the software runs in autonomous mode and synchronizes as soon as the connection is restored.

Yourcegid Retail can reach beyond the aisles and the stock room, and even outside the confines of the store itself, using mobile technology. This innovative solution improves efficiency (with increased sales and customer satisfaction) while reducing the time devoted to back office operations (inventory, shipping/receiving functions etc.). It can also act as an extra point-of-sale during peak trading periods.

Ease of Use
Yourcegid Retail has an intuitive, graphical and touch screen user interface, making it easy to train new employees. This speeds up the training process while reducing user errors and lowering operational costs.

CRM and Loyalty
Yourcegid Retail equips retailers with the tools to build relationships with their customers, firstly by effectively capturing and analyzing customer data and then segmenting them accordingly. Yourcegid Retail helps retailers create targeted marketing campaigns based on previous purchases. The solution also enables retailers to manage multiple and simultaneous loyalty programs which in turn encourages higher market basket value.

Inventory and Replenishment
Yourcegid Retail is fully integrated to support end to end inventory and merchandising management functions and has been developed using a combination of Cegid’s expertise in speciality retailing and the experience of implementing software solutions in over 1,000 retailers across 70 countries.


Yourcegid Retail management software designed for specialty retailers using direct input from some of the world's most coveted brands.


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